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André Dahan created Sweetheart on the 23rd of December 2007 and presented it for the first  time in 2008 in the book entitled "My name is Sweetheart".

This small character, very attractive, is born for love and to be loved. He spreads love all around  the world and he takes any shape: he can be a squirrel, a bird or a flower ...

He is nearby, close to you, he is your friend, your confident. 

It's a little heart bringing you happiness.

His qualities: sweet, soft, joyful, generous, faithful, loving, happy. 

His faults: maybe too engaging

Life time: forever  



  • Sweetheart in Africa

    Sweetheart in Africa

    Illustration to reproduce Original size 29 x 42 cm


  • I give you my heart

    I give you my heart

    Character of Sweetheart Original size 24 x32 cm


  • Zebra blue

    Zebra blue

    Original illustration to reproduce


  • My heart is for you

    My heart is for you

    Character of Sweetheart Original size 20 x 20 cm


  • Sweetheart - pillow

    Sweetheart - pillow

    The plush size 45 cm, soft velvet


  • Sweetheart plush small size

    Sweetheart plush small size

    Plush in a very soft velvet


  • Sweetheart - I'm happy !

    Sweetheart - I'm happy !

    Baby Sweetheart tells us the important moments of his everyday's life. Plenty of tenderness.  Two languages edition: Chinese - English

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • Sweetheart goes to school

    Sweetheart goes to school

    One of the most important days in our child's life, first day at school. Sweetheart is ready: he prepared his nice yellow school bag, the evening before he get to bed early and the day...

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • My name is Sweetheart

    My name is Sweetheart

    Sweetheart is a happy little fellow with an open heart. He demonstrates his love and devotion to all he holds dear trough vibrant illustrations and loving words. Edition two languages: Chinese-English 

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • I give you my heart

    I give you my heart

    By a beautiful, shiny winter day, Sweetheart decides to make a snowman. He takes care to put him the carrot's nose, the black buttons, he gives him even his scarf. The snowman looks beautiful and...

    €9.95 - €14.95