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Cher petit poisson
  • My friend the Moon

    My friend the Moon

    Unique tale of friendship between a boy and the moon. The boy sets the sea in search of a friend and takes the moon hanging in the sky for his playmate. He carries it home...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Mon amie la lune

    Mon amie la lune

    Un petit bonhomme, naviguant dans une barque, rencontre la Lune et l'interpelle. La Lune, contente, lui montre ce qu'elle sait faire mais, en effectuant un salto audacieux, elle rompt son fil qui l'attache au ciel...


  • Dear little fish

    Dear little fish

    A unique love story of two creatures unlikely matched. The cat falls in love with a small gold fish and learns that true love may only be find in freedom. A delightful tale of friendship,...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • The cat and the dog

    The cat and the dog

    A delightful tale of mischief and adventure. A naughty cat looks to find a friend in a neighbouring dog, yet his feline tricks inspire a hot chase instead! Who will be the winner? Sweet story...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Christmas Bunny

    Christmas Bunny

    A touching tale of friendship and hope.Petit Nuage, the bunny, looks through the heavens to find a friend. He visits each cloud and star in his search, yet no one seems to have time for...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Fly little bird

    Fly little bird

    An enchanting tale of a little, lost bird and Helico flying on the leaf. While sailing through the summer sky, Helico finds the small bird lying on the ground. Helico takes the bird home and...


  • Good night little Moon

    Good night little Moon

    High above in the starlit sky, the moon lulls two birds gently to sleep. But with the arrival of a new little chick, bedtime seems far way. The moon and his three little friends laugh...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • At the Luxembourg garden

    At the Luxembourg garden

    When Charles-Edward gets to visit his cousins in Paris he promises his parents he will be good. He sends a letter assuring them that he is keeping his word but the pictures in this charmingly...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Zappa the clown

    Zappa the clown

    Every year on Christmas Eve , Zappito the great clown allows his dog Zappa to make dearest dream come true. This year Zappa wants to be a clown like his master.

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Camilla's dream

    Camilla's dream

    Camille has spent all evening writing the invitations for her anniversary party. When the last envelope is closed, her head gently lays down on the letters as on the pillow and she fall asleep. She...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Didi the mouse

    Didi the mouse

    Didi the mouse lives in the chandelier of the opera house, and since she was born, she dreams to be a ballerina. But ... the corps de ballet is made up of cats. Will her dream...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • When the shepherd sleeps

    When the shepherd sleeps

    A very poetic story of musician wolf who would like to live among the sheep. However, it is not easy to join a flock of sheep when you are a wolf…

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Dear Little Moon

    Dear Little Moon

    Everyone knows how important is to have that special someone who is always there,loving and supporting you. Someone you can share your dreams and sorrows with. A good friend deserves to know how important they...

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • My best friend

    My best friend

    A charming gift book to offer to ones you love.

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • For you

    For you

    A charming gift book to offer to ones you love.

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • Eddy Bear

    Eddy Bear

    Every night, the moon enlightens the window of the famous toy's store "At the pleasures of the eyes".   Eddy Bear, little bear, is very happy to represent the store between his fluffy friends.  ...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Good morning Sun!

    Good morning Sun!

    Where does the sun sleep? Nicolas and his friends, Little Puf the rabbit and Oscar the duckling will try to find out. They live an extraordinary adventure,  traveling through the sky and over the ocean,...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • My Three Friends

    My Three Friends

       In this heartwarming tale, a boy makes friends with the sun, moon and star. Together they share adventures and work together to achieve a happy ending. Told in brilliant color paintings, this book is...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Shining babies

    Shining babies

    In the imagination of André Dahan, the moon and the sun have three, shining babies. Page after page, you will discover what kind of education they give to their little stars. A lovely bedtime story...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • My name is Sweetheart

    My name is Sweetheart

    Sweetheart is a happy little fellow with an open heart. He demonstrates his love and devotion to all he holds dear trough vibrant illustrations and loving words. Edition two languages: Chinese-English 

    €9.95 - €14.95