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  • Aladdin's magic lamp

    Aladdin's magic lamp

    Nice illustrations for the classic story  of 1001 Nights.

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • At the Luxembourg garden

    At the Luxembourg garden

    When Charles-Edward gets to visit his cousins in Paris he promises his parents he will be good. He sends a letter assuring them that he is keeping his word but the pictures in this charmingly...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Camilla's dream

    Camilla's dream

    Camille has spent all evening writing the invitations for her anniversary party. When the last envelope is closed, her head gently lays down on the letters as on the pillow and she fall asleep. She...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Christmas Bunny

    Christmas Bunny

    A touching tale of friendship and hope.Petit Nuage, the bunny, looks through the heavens to find a friend. He visits each cloud and star in his search, yet no one seems to have time for...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Dear little fish

    Dear little fish

    A unique love story of two creatures unlikely matched. The cat falls in love with a small gold fish and learns that true love may only be find in freedom. A delightful tale of friendship,...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Dear Little Moon

    Dear Little Moon

    Everyone knows how important is to have that special someone who is always there,loving and supporting you. Someone you can share your dreams and sorrows with. A good friend deserves to know how important they...

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • Didi the mouse

    Didi the mouse

    Didi the mouse lives in the chandelier of the opera house, and since she was born, she dreams to be a ballerina. But ... the corps de ballet is made up of cats. Will her dream...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Eddy Bear

    Eddy Bear

    Every night, the moon enlightens the window of the famous toy's store "At the pleasures of the eyes".   Eddy Bear, little bear, is very happy to represent the store between his fluffy friends.  ...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Fly little bird

    Fly little bird

    An enchanting tale of a little, lost bird and Helico flying on the leaf. While sailing through the summer sky, Helico finds the small bird lying on the ground. Helico takes the bird home and...


  • From the sea to the sky

    From the sea to the sky

        From the sea to the sky


  • From the sea to the sky

    From the sea to the sky

    Looking on the sea's horizon at nightfall, we would say that the sea and the sky flown into each other. Little Bear will profit of this moment and will fly into the sky to meet...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Good morning Sun!

    Good morning Sun!

    Where does the sun sleep? Nicolas and his friends, Little Puf the rabbit and Oscar the duckling will try to find out. They live an extraordinary adventure,  traveling through the sky and over the ocean,...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Good night little Moon

    Good night little Moon

    High above in the starlit sky, the moon lulls two birds gently to sleep. But with the arrival of a new little chick, bedtime seems far way. The moon and his three little friends laugh...

    €12.00 - €15.00

  • Helico & the iceberg

    Helico & the iceberg

    The sun visits Helico in his house and complains that no matter how he heat, the plants don't grow in the some of the regions in the earth. Helico tells him that the plants need...


  • I give you my heart

    I give you my heart

    By a beautiful, shiny winter day, Sweetheart decides to make a snowman. He takes care to put him the carrot's nose, the black buttons, he gives him even his scarf. The snowman looks beautiful and...

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • I want to be big

    I want to be big

    The hummingbird meets for the first time the peacock. He finds him beautiful, majestuous and wish to become his friend.  Being small, he will try, by many imaginative manners, to get bigger and nicer to...

    €9.95 - €14.95

  • Just married

    Just married


  • Little Bear on the ice floe

    Little Bear on the ice floe

    A very moving, sometimes dramatic, story of Little Bear left alone on the melting ice flow, while his parents are searching for a new ice flow, big enough to permit them to leave all together....

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Moonlight


    Maya the mouse lives in the dark hole. When she gets out she sees a bright moon shining and  the snow glittering with it's light.  She would love to have the light in her house...

    €12.00 - €14.95

  • Music tree

    Music tree

    The musician cat plays for his friend Rosy, the rabbit. Rosy does not wish to waste a single note spread around and decides to give them back to his friend, in order he could use...

    €9.95 - €14.95